NSW's Quality Septic Tank & Waste Water Systems in Maitland & Hunter Valley

At EarthSafe, we are in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing a wide range of waste water systems to suit all situations for clients in NSW . We specialise in supplying quality, reliable and cost effective systems for all your water management requirements.

So call us for quality new waste water systems and general advice in New South Wales!

A NSW beach house with waste water systems installed


We've recently joined forces with Everhard Industries and introduced the popular Aqua Nova systems, a versatile and reliable system which we now distribute. One of the great things about the Aqua Nova waste water systems is their versatility. Larger commercial models are specifically designed for applications such as bed and breakfast accommodation, caravan parks, commercial and industrial situations, schools, vineyards and even batch house for the mines. Additionally, we cater to your residential needs in NSW and Queensland.

Portable chemical toilets


A major benefit of the Aqua Nova modular two tank configuration is that the primary and secondary treatment modules are available separately. This means that a simple aeration upgrade can be added to an existing septic tank which could have a failed transpiration area.

Significant cost savings are possible with this approach, not to mention the improved functionality and maintenance requirements. The team at EarthSafe can sort out an upgrade service for you with minimum fuss today anywhere across NSW and Queensland.

Truck for waste water systems in NSW

Water quality testing

We consider ourselves a company providing all around water management services, so it should come as no surprise that we cater to your water quality testing needs! EarthSafe offers its customers a unique water testing facility with NATA accreditation as required by NSW Health Department and the EPA.

Services include water quality monitoring for EPA licences, drinking water testing to NSW standards for restaurants, schools and public buildings. Our systems are highly reliable, so your mind can be put at ease!